Race info


Levi Midnight Enduro is the Northest Enduro race in the world, and  is included in the EWS Qualifier calendar. Levi offers you an insight to a Lapland landscape far above the arctic circle located at a latitude of 67.8 degrees north. First stages of the race will be run late at Friday night. The sun is up, no need for head lights!

The race is easy to access even from abroad, Kittilä airport is only 14km from the venue. More information about travelling to Levi further down the page. The race is also a third round of the Sportax Enduro Series (Finnish Enduro Championship Series), and is supported by Pole Bicycles.

In case you are hunting for EWS Qualification points, you need to be an EMBA member before the event. The 2018 EMBA memberships will be available at http://www.enduroworldseries.com/emba-membership/

Teaser video of the event: https://vimeo.com/266290518

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Entry fees

  • Juniors & Youth 30EUR
  • All the rest 59EUR until 15.7. From 16.7 onwards 65EUR
  • Late registration 70EUR, possible only at the race office on Thursday 26.7. between 10 - 18 (cash only). There is still places left, so don't hesitate, come race with us!

Included in the entry fee

  • Prepared and marked race course
  • Sport Ident SIAC timing
  • Number plate with zipties
  • Results with stage times after the event on our website
  • First aid during the race
  • Lift ticket for Friday and Saturday (for Thursday you need to buy a lift ticket from the bikepark if you choose to have lift rides during the day)
  • Bike wash
  • Post race sauna after the race
  • Prizes for the fast ones

Event schedule


Thursday 26.7.

  • 10:00 - 18:00 race office open (in Zero Point)
  • 10:00 - Free practice

Race course is open for practice from Thursday at 10:00

Friday 27.7.

  • 10:00 - Race office open (in Zero Point)
  •  - 16:30 Free practice
  • 16:30 - Riders briefing (in front of Zero Point)
  • 19:30 - First rider to stages
  • 23:00 - Finish of the Fridays stages 

Saturday 28.7.

  • 09:00 - Race office open
  • 10:00 - First riders to stages
  • 16:00 - Finish of the Saturdays stages
  • 20:00 - Awards ceremony at Hullu Poro Areena together with all other Levi Outdoor Fest events
  • 22:00 - till sun rise Levi night life 

This is preliminary schedule, there may be some adjustments closer to event.


Race course


Race course consist of mostly natural terrain, hiking trails, grassy ski slopes, and sections from Levi bike park. The terrain on stages will be very varied and by the nature of local soil, there will be plenty of rocks. On transition stages we will use both pedal power and gondola ski lift depending on which stage we are heading to. Most stages will have between 200 - 300m of altitude drop.  

This is preliminary data about the race course, refinements as the event approaches:

  • 2 stages on Friday night (all transfers pedalling)
  • 8 stages on Saturday in total (some of the stages will be ridden twice during the race)
  • ca. 550m of pedal powered ascending during the whole race
  • Ca. 2700m of on stage descending in total. More than any other enduro event North of European Alps.
  • Over 35min of on stage race time for the fastest riders. More than any other enduro event North of European Alps.
  • HUOM! Funduro ja Juniorit eivät aja kilpaa vielä perjantaina, ainoastaan lauantaina. Lauantaina Funduro ja Juniorit ajavat päivän kaikki 8 erikoiskoetta, Ek3 - Ek10

Race Course on Friday 27.7.:

SS1 Rykimäpolku

SS2 Express Black

All transfers pedalling


Race Course Saturday 28.7.

SS3 Nimetön

SS4 South Route

SS5 Steep Groove

SS6 Draivi Trail

       Service brake

SS7 Nimetön

SS8 Steep Groove

SS9 Draivi Trail

SS10 Express Black

All Transfers use gondola lifts


NOTE!    Shuttling is NOT allowed ("5. Kilpailun säännöt", in the rules). This is for both practice and race.  Use only gondolas and/or pedal power. 


How to arrive to Levi?


Information about how to arrive to Levi by plane can be found from here:


Finnair has flights to Kittila Airport in June. When flying to Kittila, you can do the trip without a need for a rental car. There is a shuttle bus from airport to Levi, and at Levi everything you need is within a walking (or biking) distance.

You may also take flights to Rovaniemi or Oulu (more flight connections to these cities), take a rental car and drive few hours to Levi.   

If you are brave enough, you may join MTB-Enduro Finland FB-group and ask if you can share the journey to Levi from Helsinki (The international airport in Finland) with some local racers! Will give you a wonderful insight to Finnish enduro scene with the local people. FB: MTB-Enduro Finland  


For accommodation options, check out Levi webpage: http://www.levi.fi/en/where-to-start.html



Other things


No cycling licence is required to race. But you are obligated to have an insurance that covers enduro mountain bike racing.


If you have any questions, send us an email:  sauli (at) mtb-enduro.fi


The Levi Midnight Enduro race is part of the Levi Outdoor fest.